New Essay at Brain, Child Magazine

When I submitted this essay to be considered for publication to Brain, Child Magazine, a part of me was terrified. It's a very personal piece, and I wrote it initially not to be read by other people but to work out this inner problem I faced as a mother...a dilemma I think a lot of single mothers face: how do you balance dating and children? Especially when it comes to having a son with special needs. It's not something you want to highlight because it's so natural for you on a daily basis that you don't even think about it, but it becomes more apparent and therefore feels more complicated when you introduce that facet to a potential long-term partner. That's where this essay came from.

When Brain, Child Magazine's editor Marcelle Soviero wanted to publish it, I was both nervous and excited. So here it is... "The Other Man," in Brain, Child. Many thanks to Marcelle for working with me to finesse this piece for publication.

Here is an excerpt:

It dawned on me that not once had I ever used the phrase “me time,” it was always non-mommy time…a worn groove of a joke among my friends. Not once had I left the word mother out of the description of myself: on resumes, through social media, at cocktail parties. My identity as the mother of a disabled child floated around everywhere.

Read the entire essay here.