Save the Date

Quick announcement... Starting in March, I'll be a regular columnist for Arcadia Magazine. I'm really excited to be joining a great group.

My new monthly series, "Yours Truly: Craft Lessons from Letters," will be an excursion through collected letters by famous authors and will extract craft tips and insight for writers.

I believe that letters are a wonderful resource for us. They're a chance for us to see authors lay bare some of their deepest emotions to a single recipient: anger, pain, depression, lovesickness, confusion, vulnerability, and euphoria. These letters are not only a sign of the times in which the author is living or has lived, but they can reveal to us how an author used correspondence to fully evoke or escape from the daily life in which he or she was existing, manipulate the epistolary form, practice their own craft, or even pretend to be someone else.

If you're a fan of Letters of Note, you might like this new series.

In the meantime, check out the rest of Arcadia's Online Sundries. Anecdotes, philosophies, essays, all sorts of good stuff in there.