I'm grateful to the editors who have published my work. Support literary magazines and local bookstores. Read voraciously.

Fiction and Essays


"Thief of Your Comfort," Rozlyn: Short Stories by Women Writers (Rozlyn Press, 2015)


Yours Truly: Craft Lessons from Letters

A monthly column I wrote for Arcadia Magazine's Online Sundries. Each column examines an author's collected correspondence and extracts tips and insight for contemporary writers.

The Dirty Spoon: Food Culture

As Editor-at-Large for Dirty Spoon, a blog on food culture known for its multi-chapter essays and original comics, I occasionally write the shorter essay between our featured writers' longer works.

Current Projects

  • The Fabulists: Novel. As the clock ticks down to the new Millenium in the economically-impoverished town of Grayson, North Carolina, a disfigured cemetery groundskeeper desperate for friendship strikes a deal with a middle school student assigned to him for a local history report. What begins as a trade of anecdotes between the two evolves into a full-blown tale of epic embellished proportions covering a half century. As the history report spins out of control and becomes an imaginary respite from the harsh reality of Grayson, the unlikely alliance between Henry and Emma could have dire consequences for the people closest to them.
  • Aflame: Memoir-in-essays about my years spent in a fire circus.

Future Projects

  • The Loon's House: Novel. Returning to Emma Wright seven years after she appears in The Fabulists, The Loon's House follows a grieving Emma in the wake of her parents' death, and the strange journey that begins when she inherits a mysteriously abandoned house on a small lake island in New Hampshire. There, she meets her new guardian: an eclectic aunt who is not who she seems. 
  • Thief of Your Comfort: Collected Stories. Literary fiction. Seven stories of seven women from different eras.