I'm grateful to the editors who have published my work. Support literary magazines and local bookstores. Read voraciously.

Fiction and Essays


"Thief of Your Comfort," Rozlyn: Short Stories by Women Writers (Rozlyn Press, 2015)


Yours Truly: Craft Lessons from Letters

A monthly column I wrote for Arcadia Magazine's Online Sundries. Each column examines an author's collected correspondence and extracts tips and insight for contemporary writers.

  • Your Ever-Loving Monster Child (Truman Capote)

  • A Bewildering and Stupendous Dream (John Cheever)

  • The Unerring Taste (Alice B. Toklas)

  • Coupla Fine Fellows (Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg)

  • Be Anything But an Architect (Kurt Vonnegut)

Current Projects

  • The Loon's House: Novel.

  • The Fabulists: Novel.

Future Projects

  • Flame: Essays about my years spent in a fire circus.

  • Thief of Your Comfort: Collected Stories. Literary fiction. Eight stories of eight women from different eras.