The Dirty Spoon Seeks Food Culture Writing and Art

I serve as Editor-at-Large for Dirty Spoon, an online food and beverage culture journal. This isn't a foodie blog or a place where we take fance Instagram shots of our pancakes--it was built on gonzo journalism and reviews that also explore what's going on in the food landscape at large.


Dirty Spoon was founded and is edited by Jonathan Ammons. Jon is a friend of mine, as well as a bartender, musician, Southern native, and avid traveler. He is the lead food & beverage writer for Mountain Xpress, and a contributor to WNC Magazine, Asheville-Citizen Times, Paste Magazine, and Underbelly. He helped open Asheville’s MG Road cocktail lounge, and has worked and staged at Chicago’s Aviary by Grant Achatz, as well as the Bazaar by Jose Andres in Los Angeles. In short, Jon is a badass food lover, a food writer with a heart of gold, and one in a handful of people who can make me laugh until I'm crying.

When he asked me to join Dirty Spoon as Editor-at-Large last year, I was honored. The website was just about to relaunch with a gorgeous makeover thanks to the talents of Katrin Dohse, our Artistic Director (and professional artist and chef). So far, it's been a great ride.

artwork by Katrin Dohse, Artistic Director, Dirty Spoon

artwork by Katrin Dohse, Artistic Director, Dirty Spoon

Each month, our team produces essays and articles about local and regional food and food culture issues. We also serve up beautiful comics and custom art.

We’re proudly based in Asheville, love writing about it, and travel outside the city to dive into the food culture of the Southeast. 

We are currently seeking food writers and artists for new features.

We welcome contributors–-chefs, servers, food industry workers, farmers, foodies, non-foodies, and everyone in between--from all over the world to pitch or submit your full-length writings for Dirty Spoon. We would also love to see more work by marginalized voices, PoC, and LGBTQ folks.


We look for short essays and interviews about food, meals, food culture, travel food logs, and op-eds. Short essays typically run between 600-1,800 words, and Katrin or another artist will illustrate it for you. Preference is given to Southeast pieces, but not a deal breaker by any means. If we're moved by the work, you're in. 


We are also looking for art in the form of drawings, paintings, illustrations and comics. Our vision is to feature artists in rotating "seasons," so please feel free to send us your portfolio samples and statement and if it's a good fit, we'll line you up in the calendar. We'd love to see what you're offering.

Check out the website here and then...

To submit or pitch an idea, email us:

Dirty Spoon artwork by Katrin Dohse.

Dirty Spoon artwork by Katrin Dohse.